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Andrew Stothert

Director of Research

As Director of Outreach, Andrew will serve a key role in strategic efforts to bridge the gap between complex scientific data and real-world applications. Using research methodologies and outreach efforts, he aims to educate and provide direction in order to understand the complex issues plaguing our environment.

With a Ph.D. in neuroscience, he has spent the better part of a decade investigating the internal environment to promote health and treat disease. In addition, he has a deep seeded passion for scientific policy and advocacy, which has previously led him to a congressional fellowship in Washington DC. With these experiences, he brings a breadth of knowledge in both scientific research and public affairs. He believes his time in academic research labs and on Capitol Hill has set a strong foundation for promoting the missions of CCG’s diverse clientele. In turn, he will continue promoting health and well-being by focusing on the external environment.

After spending six years in Florida (too hot!), and another year on Capitol Hill (too expensive!), Andrew is glad to call Nebraska home, once again. He is joined by his wife, son, and dog, and together they enjoy traveling, hiking, and going to the zoo (because, sloths!).