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Jessica Mizaur 

Associate Strategist

Jessica loves to work at the intersection of sustainability, social good, and creativity. As an associate strategist, her job allows her to unite the three. From branding and communications strategy to project configuration to low impact event consulting, she takes on a number of different roles.

She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in sustainability and social entrepreneurship from Creighton University. On campus, she serves as executive board president for Creighton’s student sustainability group, Greenjays. Prior to this, she worked as the club’s director of community outreach. Alongside her passion for environmental justice, Jessica has an affinity for style, design, and creative communication. She works on the social media team for another Nebraska-based start-up, online boutique Hello Holiday. She is also a brand ambassador for Fauxgerty, a clothing company focused on minimizing the fashion industry’s environmental impact through innovative materials and production processes.

Cold brew coffee, cute animals, and bright lipstick make Jessica’s world spin round. She loves to spend life’s quieter moments hiking, curling up with a good book, or doing some writing of her own. She also blogs at