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Mitch Benes

Director of Creative Services

As Director of Creative Services, Mitch guides the development of strategic creative communications and marketing projects, working with clients to develop approaches that inspire and engage. Mitch places an emphasis on measuring outcomes and objectives, rooting strategies in data.

Mitch started his college career focusing on geology and art. Despite his love of natural history and the environment, he opted for art and earned his Associates in Fine Arts from North Virginia Community College with an emphasis in photography and videography. Afterward, he attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning his Bachelors of Journalism in Advertising and Public Relations.

Mitch has worn a variety of creative hats, including designer, copywriter, web developer, SEO specialist, and creative director. Mitch’s heart has always called him to make positive changes through his work, which inspired him to start his own design firm to support small businesses and nonprofits and to join CCG.

Mitch is a devoted husband, and father to 2 kids and a dog. He is an unrepentant coffee addict as well as a fairly decent chef. His hobbies include everything from Muay Thai kickboxing to weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.